Dusty track; Drag Edition was held on March 5 at its usual location, Ermesinde. Although this edition was different from what we are used to the neighboring country. They changed the mud and the dust for the asphalt, to the purest Drag Race. One against one on a straight line 200 meters long and in small rise.

Accompanied with the children of isnotacrime, we managed to deal with infinite technical problems in our transport to port, finally we crowned the Ermesinde area. Then find the exact place of the race was another movie with saga included.

The rain welcomed us to the place of the Dusty Track race, something not very rewarding, given that the “Hot Burrita” in Drag Race mode, did not have neither front brake nor rear suspension. Something that would be much appreciated in case of rain.

Once the sun shone again, the smell of burnt oil and burnt rubber, it was once more the perfume of the place. This coupled with the aroma of the bifanas swimming in the fryer’s oil made it an exquisite environment.

After three in the afternoon, taking advantage of the clear weather, the races began; 50cc to 250cc | 250cc to 500cc and 500cc and up.

The burnt gums opened the way to the exit of each sleeve, giving the departure signal the usual female of the Dusty Track. Leaving each iron and not so irons as real “Sputnicks” through the 200 meters of straight in slight rise. The braking and landing area was not very suitable for pre-eighty drum brakes. But fortunately the “carrinha” of bombeiros and ambulance did not have to work in the whole edition.

A great day accompanied by a good atmosphere and hospitality from organizers, the public and participants in general. Once the working day was over, we set off back home in our transport with two seats, three crew members and three motorcycles. A good “full-fledged tetris”. Fortunately we managed to get there without unfortunate encounters with the men in green uniforms.

Thanks to Capêlos Garage for photo # 13 and Simão Vidinha for the video !!!