Last December, our great friend Lee and his colleague C.J. Turner decided to record a video for the Kamikaze Rats, the coldest day of that year. Logically not by personal decision but the result of chance. We started filming in the early morning on some roads near Sada, where we stayed until almost noon and later moved to the “coast of death”. Here large images were recorded on dirt roads at the edge of the sea. The Greasy Rats and Marcos from “La Maleta” accompanied us on this cold December shoot. These are days that you need a push to get out on a motorcycle, but if that push is of almost ten colleagues, there is no problem whatsoever. Then we leave you a few pictures of Leo (thank you very much) and the teaser of CJ Turner’s video, which will be finalized with the next visit to our country from his that lead on the left.                                              
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