12 O’clock Boys, is a documentary about street bands riding dirtbikes in Baltimore. It was released last year and has not stopped receiving awards in the different festivals in which it has been shown.

Lotfy Nathan its director and producer got funding for his project through Kickstarter. Finally, something that was of great help for its popularity, was distributed by the laboratories of the now deceased “Beasty Boy” Adam Yanch, “Oscilloscope”.

The documentary 12 O’clock Boys, narrates through Pug, a young black child of a low middle class family in Baltimore, the rage of the bands on enduro, cross or quad bikes making “wheelies”, skids or everything that the law does not allow within a city. Of course the registration plates is something that does not work this band, since they are uncomfortable to be able to put the bike completely upright on the rear wheel (12 O’clock). Once you get to do this feat you can enter the band, among other illegal requirements. On Sundays it is the day of meeting, and hundreds of motorbikes meet taking the city to a wheel, in case a police car appears the best option is to go against him to kick the boot from the motorcycle.

Many of these bands use these bikes because in their drug distribution business it is almost impossible for the police to hunt them on their Harley Davidsons.

Pug, the protagonist, wants to be a 12 O’clock Boys at all costs and will not stop until he gets it, despite seeing some member of the band die in accidents.

Apart from the biker stage, the documentary narrates and denounces the situation of one of the most economically depressed cities in the United States and how they face death, with the death of one of Pug’s brothers and a member of the band.












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