The last day one of May, another new Sarao took place by the hand of Iván Maroño, it was the 1st Bowl Riders Contest in the new Maroña Indoor. This is the first test of the four that make up the Galician circuit of the GHSA, the next championship will be the month of July.

Category Cadet:

1st Roi Cabado
2nd Aaron Maroño
3rd Julia Benedeti
Junior Category:

1st Coke Mosquera
2nd Elijha Varela
3rd Toni Juliao
Open category:

1st Samuel Vila
2nd Alexander Golovanov
3º Iván Rodríguez
Master Category:

1º Javier Saavedra
2nd Nine
3rd kinder

Best trick in the extension: Tito “oldweed” Trick more creative: Alexander GolovanovBest trick in the corner: Adrián AldaoPeor fallen: Anxo ComesañaTruco Machete: Iván Rodríguez

Thanks to Javier Saavedra for copying the results of his blog …. jejejje …

bowlrider01 bowlrider02 bowlrider03 bowlrider04 bowlrider05 bowlrider06 bowlrider07 bowlrider08 bowlrider09 bowlrider10 bowlrider11 bowlrider12 bowlrider13 bowlrider14 bowlrider15

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