Barrier Kult, founded by Deer man of the Black Woods, a collective of skaters dissatisfied with the way that skateboarding is following today and in particular from the mid 90’s. Born in Vancuber at the beginning of 2003.

Its main source of inspiration and veneration have been in particular two articles from magazines in the sector; One is “aggro zone” written by Neil Blender and another written by Mark Gonzales and Garry S. Davis “Street Sheet” for Transworld Skateboarding magazine.

They decide to skate only “barriers”, they start skating only in one of the city of Jersey, although little by little it was extending its borders other “barriers” of its neighboring country.

Dressed in black ski masks, fingerless leather gloves and jeans vests with more than two decades on, challenge unimaginable tricks in these rough and steep transitions that urban mother gives them. Tricks like slappy, slash, tailblock, 50/50 stall, boneless one, lap-over grind, define your style and religion.

They use skates with hardly “nose” to be able to rid such degrees of unevenness in just centimeters. They are sponsored by skull skateboards, Heroin, Emerica and Gullwing (specifically the super Pro III).

All its aesthetics is the skateboard of the mid-80s, mixed with cult imagery of the evil one, using both its graphics and images of classic filming of pagan rituals. We also add the soundtrack that accompanies black metal. All these ingredients give rise to BARRIER KULT. They go beyond simple aesthetic differentiation, but it is something more spiritual and philosophical. Using the barrier as an authentic object of worship and altar of their religion. The militancy and the spreading of its cult is its main premise.

They claim that they use Black Metal to maintain the militancy of their pure members, they see a true relationship between the culture of skateboarding in resemblance to the cultures of worship and ritual of the occult.

In the 80s skate takes a punk attitude against all norms, rules and system, as well as in the mid-nineties, that attitude is lost and becomes a mere sport with athletes, with extremely complex tricks and lacking in creativity. This attitude makes them claim lost values.

Currently there are 12 active members and graduates. Some of them with the following names; Crusade Templar Horse Skeleton in San Francisco, moss-covered witchmaker candlemas in San Diego and Beast of Gevaudan in Vancuber.

All this chaladura that we are telling you is compiled in a book, made by Anthony Tafuro, unfortunately is currently out of stock.

Photography by Anthony Tafuro.

Anthony Tafuro.















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