Black Shorts or also called Da Hui (which in Hawaiian means group or club), were established around 1976 as a group of local surfers from the northern coast of Hawaii, on Oahu. Eddie Rothman, more likely to be mythological (a tenth human and the rest animal non-rational), that being a human is one of its founders and main component of this band.

Black Shorts does not stop being a band of local surfers such as the “Wolf Pack” also from Hawaii, Kauai or the “Bra Boys” of Maroubra, Australia.

Initially organized to preserve and defend the Hawaiian culture as well as the rights of the ocean, it was born as a very romantic and touching ideal, but quickly moved to the most violent face of the matter. Giving hosts as breads to foreigners and even beginners, also sabotaging world championships. This last practice the truth that makes us quite funny.

In 1976, during the second round of a world surfing championship in Oahu, Eddie Rothman and his band of Black Shorts, sabotaged that championship, surfing the wave of the contest, as if nothing was being celebrated, the participants smoked their tremendous jumps . This was done as a way to claim the rights of local surfers, since they were not allowed to participate in them and for not commenting on the sums of money they were amassing with these events.

What most strikes us about this Crew, is more its aesthetics and its initial ideals than its type of violent attitude that unfortunately served as an example for many other places throughout the world coast.









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