Del Rosario dirtrack is an event created in collaboration with La Urbana Bike, 5especialqueguapo and Adrián Otero. It took place last Saturday, October 17 in the parish of Tomeza, a few kilometers from Pontevedra.

The event we did coincide with the parties of the Rosarío of the Parish of Tomeza, enjoying this way all the comforts that a parochial party offers; churrasco, warm beer, attractions, orchestra and a very comfortable tent in case of extreme rain.

Although initially the time did not play on our part, it endured a perfect day to twist the accelerator and turn left.

We started at 11:00 h, and the first to arrive more than struts, even well before the hour were our colleagues from the neighboring country, classics in these dusty appointments. Little by little until almost half a day were arriving both participants and spectators. The training lasted until one-thirty in the afternoon, while little by little they signed up for the race.

After 3 o’clock in the afternoon we started with the sleeves, we divided in 3 categories the registered bikes; Pro Dirt Cross (here we include dirt bikes with tacos, although it was something that we had expressly excluded, and modern dirtbikes.) In this modality they gave us a masterful exhibition of what is dirtbike these days at a professional level, two guys who competed in this modality at national level.). The next category was Carretera and modified up to 400cc, it was the most crowded with more than 25 registered bikes. Finally 50cc motorcycles, sccoters and city.

They were very funny magicians and in many cases quite close. The Tsunamis, a crew of paraffin and gasoline gave a lot of cane and with a lot of attitude !!!

Finally everything went on wheels, never better said and without any serious injury.

We thank Daniel, the person in charge of the committee of parties of Tomeza for supporting us in this initiative and for letting our Hot donkey spend 3 nights in his stable. Also thank Jacobo Pérez-Bouzada, David Calvelo for the photo report and all the people who gave us a hand to make the event go ahead !!!!!




















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