FROM LOST TO THE DESERT is a surf exploration documentary project to one of the most remote places in the world, the desert of Morocco and Western Sahara.

A project by Chechu Pajares and Nicolas Pina, and produced by them with Aljaz Babnik and the dream team Vicente Romero, Valcof Josu Alcántara and Pablo Bordas.

Directed by Chechu Pajares

Produced by Chechu Pajares, Nicolás Pina & Aljaz Babnik

Directors of Photography: Aljaz Babnik & Nicolás Pina

Here we show in their own words how they have lived such exciting experience in the midle of nowhere. Searching something that they didn´t know could be exist, but the friendship, focusing and good relationships made that everything went right:

Lost, completly lost we were when we started talking about doing a surf exploration on a motorcycle several months ago… That’s where From Lost To The Desert was born. 7 idiots that didn´t even know each other almost at all, decided to make a call by skype to give real shape to what was just an idea…

Several months of preparation, many hours on the road, ferries, two bikes donated by Yamaha, and some great waves waiting for us to spend the most surreal year end of our lives… Our goal? To have a f**king amazing time while searching for that “ideal of surfing” that´s almost an illusion today. To surf alone.

After gathering all the team in Marakech, we headed towards the nonexistent border that separates Morocco and Western Sahara. Where the exploration really began. Going totally blind and with fixed dates, we knew we had a brutal risk of not finding waves. Luckily, the stars lined up and we found the sessions that we had all dreamed about…

|n Between laughter and discussions, twists and wipeouts, wheelies and crashes, and above all, lot’s of love, we have managed to return home with a very good feeling.

We have already been selected to present the movie in the Madrid Surf Film Festival, the Portuguese Surf Film Festival, the Berlín Surf Film Festival, the Cine Mar Surf Film Tour and some others…

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