Jam Traction, a brand created by our great friend Gony Zubizarreta together with Marlon Lipke. It is a firm focused on indispensable accessories for your surfing, inventions (leashes) and grips (traction pads).

Jam Traction is created by professional surfers, so both their inventions (leashes) and grips (traction pads) are seriously tested and tested throughout the world. So do not say that you have not been tested in the most adverse conditions.

Its main objective is quality and attracting the public with its exclusive designs, patterns and colors.

The origins of Jam Traction come when Marlon Lipke & Gony Zubizarreta, professional surfers, wanted to develop products that contribute to their daily work, improving what already existed in the market.

Right now, three grips models are available, with different colors each. The model Gony Zubizarreta, designed for tables with a wider Tail. Marlon Lipke model is a smaller grip, designed for narrower boards, and finally the Flow model, more basic and simple but maintaining a perfect performance.

With regard to inventions, they also have two different models on the market; The Shredder Pro Series 6 feet long with 5.5 mm thickness, available in red, white, yellow and black. The Set Up Pro Series, also 6 feet long but 7 mm thick, for slightly larger waves, also the latter is available in a length of 7 feet, the colors available are; red, black, white and yellow.

From Machete Company we wish you long life for JAM Traction !!!!








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