We present to you our new aquatic gadget, the Machete surfboard. It is a thruster that is characterized by having less rocker in the tail and a smaller concave between the keels. The small winger makes it retain the direction of the botton to the lip of the wave giving it more control in the bowl of the wave.

The rocker of the nose is curved upward in the last 12 “to balance the rocker of the lower rail and prevent it from being keyed.

The concave took more forward to compensate the nose rocker and lengthen the line with the front foot providing greater speed.

The table is shaped by Iron Mountain and glazed by Walter Nieto of Zorlak surfboards. Its measures 6.0 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2.

Photograph by Fran López Bernardez.

Fran López Bernardez.