In Mondaka skatepark do not stop producing, a few weeks ago they have just released their new expansion. It is a curved quarter with “pool coping” (courtesy of dogbowl), a hip and a nipple without quince attached to the “spine” already existing.

This DIY (do it yourself) located in the area of ​​Mondaría Balneario, would not exist if it were not for the tremendous effort, work and enthusiasm that its partners have contributed for more than four years. Maintaining and expanding a ship of these characteristics is not an easy task, when the only contribution is self-financing. Teamwork and his passion for skateboarding is the magic recipe that makes this ship one of the reference skateparks in the south of Galicia.

If you want to try it or become a member or simply inform yourself of what’s going on in there, you can visit their new blog mondakadiy or also add them to their Facebook group Mondaka D.I.Y. Sk8park. Both platforms are active daily with videos and photos of the sessions and the progress of the skatepark.

The membership fee is € 35 per month and if you just want to give you a session, you will have to contact one of the partners to set schedules and pay € 5. They are also open to external donations as long as they are not from right-wing political parties.

Here we show some images of the process of expansion and enjoyment.

Photograph by Daih Spaniard, photo cover Goikoart and the last two by Álvaro Pastor.