Interview to the Nasty Laybacks, raising admirers and detractors equally …

Why the name of Nastylaybacks and not Nasty Captains?

The name does not respond to anything. It emerged as any other concept, product of beers, laughs and vacils typical of a group of friends who bet on a philosophy of surpassing themselves and not compete against anyone. We were funny and it was there. Anyway, we are more Nasty than the Captains since theirs did not arise, it was forced.

How long have you been “mara of surfing”, and what is the requirement to enter? You have to cut pinkies or beat up?

I could not tell when Nasty started. We have been surfing all our lives together and the truth is that it is difficult to put a start date. It is true that in the last year we have made ourselves known a little more through social networks but we have been practicing on the beaches for a few years. We are not very nasty, but we are totally against the “posturing” and the fashion of modern surfing. We do not like the generalized attitude that can be observed in most beaches of our coast.

We practice and promote respect, but we will be disrespectful to those who do not respect us.

We only ask for a requirement, be real and that the only concern regarding surfing is to enjoy. Yes, there are people who know how to beat the group, better not put them to the test with the little fingers.

The people who have been introduced to our large family are people from our environment with whom we share great moments both inside and outside the water.

Do you have any short or long-term goal, or is it pure fun?

We like to enjoy what the ocean and the rumba offers us, spend good times, create controversy and conquer the night of each city we tread.

The thing is becoming more serious, among other things, we have in sight a trip to Indonesia with camera equipment to document everything and that you can see it thanks to the great Matiasbbk. We are working on Nasty’s clothes, we are also tying up ropes to organize a championship will be very original, we have planned collaborations with other brands … and things that we will be releasing little by little through the networks. Stay tuned.

“We live day to day, today’s surfing and yesterday’s hangover.”

Every time you are more known even outside your local radio, those are that you shake your ass quite out of the neighborhood. How far has your network arrived?

Localism is a scourge that should not exist. The more you leave your area, the more and better people you will find. We have good friends in A Coruña, in the north of Portugal, in Euskadi, in Barcelona, ​​Seville, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Germany, etc. Some of us have traveled to the UK, STATES, Indo, South America, Australia … Everything for surfing and / or rumba and the truth is that whenever we move around people treat us very well. And we appreciate that with hospitality when they visit us.

Something you want to say, say hello to the family, etc …

Greetings to all those who love us, those who hate us and especially Jimbo. To thank MACHETE for the support, to Woodtown for the space he has dedicated, to Cerveza Salada for the public videos and those that will be coming out and all the supporters who appreciate and enjoy the move, but above all to those who do not like it , who are the ones who dedicate the most time to us.













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