Coast of death is not a horror movie, it’s the last location where Lee Kirby’s talent behind the goal made oceans of talent and creativity sprout. Born in London and currently based in Coruña, his work focuses mainly on portraiture and more specifically on musical portraiture. Ministry of Sound, Water Aid, Big Active, Canon Uk, etc …

The Kamikaze Rats, with their beers, sissy bars, scooters and other paraphernalia from hell, also showed their tails at this shoot / session.

Coast of death is our small Californian Big Sur of our Galician coast, and for the record, with a much more handsome name than the American one. With very good waves without being infested with sharks, but we are not going to continue explaining putting on our cheeks, it is not going to be that the man with the yellow toupee and orange face president of the transatlantic continent sends us a Sputnick for underestimating his own.

A good day also accompanied by honormc and Nomadstudio. Thanks to everyone for the collaboration and especially to Lee Kirby for his great work. And to the Coast of Death for existing.


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