Del Rosario Dirt track is already more than consolidated, this has been the fourth edition and the best. The previous day the circuit was completely flooded and flooded, a bit in line with the rest of the dirt track that we went this summer, so we were not surprised at all.

Thanks to the 3 million eggs that we put the organization to Santa Clara or Windgurú (I still have not clear), on Saturday we had a blinding sun, with the track completely wet and compact, just PERFECT !!! Tomeza Quarter Mille is one of the best lands a server has tasted to date.

And all the brave people who came with all the conditions against, since they gave rains from noon, they could delight in this masterful ointment and enjoyed the cake.

As every year we had the visit of our Portuguese friends Trintaeum, who then showed you the video that Simâo Ferreira took from the event. Obrigado !!!

Bikes on fire thanks to Kevin Broda (literally), pilots raped by a sisybar, SpongeBob driving as a soul that leads the devil, all this and much more defined the fourth edition of the Dirt track of the Rosary.

Thank you very much for the organization and for all this has been possible to; Sacamantecas, Daniel (the owner of Tomeza), La Urbana, Paulo de Atria, Greasy Rats, JJbikerstore and the pilot who left us the flags, Alberto García Fandiño.

Thanks to Honormc for letting us delight the two-beat music he has created.

Also thank Andre Domingas for the photos and for not killing himself in his final lap with his XV 750 with more exhaust than cylinders. Thanks also to David Calvelo for the photo report.

Gasss !!! and hair back!

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