Dusty Track  Great Again is back, another year has not disappointed us. This time it was in the town of Rebordosa, a town near Oporto, Portugal.

It all started with dance music and ended with ballads of metal of a band of Operation triumph. It’s hard to match the dusty track as much in fun as in originality, where the showing off shines for its absence, this is Gas + frango + dust + Super Bock. Thanks to the firemen service , that did not end in only dust.

An edition of dusty track loaded with almost 90 registered bikes, a locurón. Mid-morning Black Road Culture organized the Moto Limbo, it was about passing with your bike, theoretically skidding under the bar, as it was going on passing, the limit was going down. And I say in theory because the winner of this test was an autochthonous with his 50cc motorcycle which he got to lower the handlebar and only needed to cut the bars to pass without touching (there is an illustrative picture below).

In the afternoon, conventional oval races were already divided by categories and displacements, in which the machete band made I could in almost all categories. A hurray! For the band. A sexagenarian approached by our tent and asked to take a picture with our “Team”, we clearly explained that we are not “Team” that we are a band, at the moment I echo the hand to the portfolio.

We thank Pedro and Dani of Ton up for letting us try the sunday.motors and also apologize for having injured it.

Thanks to Luis Magaláhes (dusty track organizer) for this event and for giving shelter to part of our band on Saturday night. Thanks to Coki (j & jbikerstore) for letting us sleep in his NH with wheels. Thanks also to all the photographers as @ypunto for being sucking dust and giving us your vision of the event and especially @ no.photo.on.two.wheels for passing us these photos that we show you below.

Dusty Track great Again!!!!!

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