Hubert Dobler is an artist who is defined between the intersection of technology and art, his work revolves around chaos using “masculine tools”, such as motorcycles, chainsaws and cement percussion, recording the traces that those machines generate when they are allowed live outside its conventional scope. Disassembling and otherwise organizing objects out of context.

It examines the emotions and visceral bonds that the viewer can experience when the machines were abandoned and are used and functioning by themselves, free of ties. Roaring, shaking and crashing, their machines highlight the power and energy trapped within everyday technology. He shows the raw power and free spirit inherent in engines and machinery.

ROUNDABOUT2 is an exploration of kinetic objects. Two bikes are tied together in a circle against each other. Like caged animals, the bikes are exposed, representing their trick in repetition. Turning crazy, the accelerators are open to the top and the bikes release all their energy accumulated in a space, creating burn marks of wheels.

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