Salada Beer and Machete Company come together to create a good reincarnated Christ. They join extraordinary forces to destroy those who do not want to admit that they smell like a cuckoo. The rancid writhe among their crying because they are aware of the impending cisco.

Do you want to win one of the exclusive Machete Company baseball jackets? Do you want Chico to make you a meme?
It is possible that what you want is to have a good dust in the dark, maybe you want to win a trip to Cáceres with your grandparents in search, but here what we offer is cream designed in wood ovens with naked women and strong men.

How to compete?
Upload a photo using (the values ​​of the revolutionary company Machete Company) the hashtag #machetecs to any of these 4 social networks:


#machetecs is what peta panties and flys!

What are their values?
You can see their values ​​on our website ( or we can tell you about them while we tell you that you are out because you do not know what we are talking about.

A sincere note from the manufacturer Machete Company: The photographs are worth anything but Cristiano Ronaldo, Kelly Slater, stand up paddle, Belén Esteban or Mecano.

Better, if you approach images with motorcycles before being stricken, women with latex, just deaths, dried blood on abandoned bricks, skate parks full of junkies, half empty glasses with human stumbles, bullet men, cars used for chases, sunsets without sun in Scotland, apes without knowing they are photographed, girls who want their bad guys, nights of mezcal and everything that you can see related to Machete Company and Cerveza Salada.

We join together because a machete and a whore always go hand in hand. Verse 5:34 of the sincerity of the old sacrament.
The gorilla dance begins, this is only the beginning, in coming days an ideal world will come with a sexual revolution.

Do not stop uploading photos!

Are you afraid and are you from Podemos? Do you surf high competition? We are not interested, earn and enjoy, this is not a web to use, use Machete Company.

Think about things, this Monday and give #machetecs

We are jungle !!!

concurso machete company y cerveza salada

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