Nico Peña, the captain of “Lobos de mar division”, tells us a little more about himself in the following interview, transcribed from a notebook with a grid and with a doctor’s letter.

Since when is your name Nico Peña and when and where was this person born?

For 24 years this August 11, I was almost born in an elevator of the Acorachan clinic in 1991 in Barcelona.

Your neighborhood of action is Vigo, but you’ve spent a season in the city of Hercules, which is what you were doing out there?

I went to know the city, to familiarize myself with the environment and to confirm that I’m still lucky at the time of habitat change … I was also lucky enough to be able to observe and participate in some “Old School” training and in turn get to know Pedrín from Tapia and Diego de Coristanco, some cracks in the field of surfing. So I was very well elbowed and happy. I take this opportunity to send you a big hug and wish you both a good summer.

You’ve taken a lot of shine to the area with your colleague photographer Matías, for what areas have you moved? if you can count …

The truth is that it is a crack !!!!!, I already knew it by sight, we grew up in nearby neighborhoods. The truth is that it has been a great discovery for me and for any surfer from A Coruña, who has lived through this stage of photographic bonanza. And the spots … the area of ​​Arteixo in this spring season gives a lot of play, and if I’m honest, I did not go up any day to Ferrol to mono-slings … GRANDE MATÍAS !!!

What are your next short-term horizons ???

Repeat an experience in “Atlantic Surf”, working, smiling and making smile with the hand of Nico Kalli, from now until the end of September. Surf also enters the Pack, and submit to the “Canary Asento”.

Do you take long to comb that hair?

I do not comb it! I’m cap mode, saving the viewing angle. Little by little I will adapt without stress or psychedelic bows.

Do you prefer the rumba, the samba or the lambada?

Rumba palpé, palpo and palpable. Samba was the name my dog ​​had when my parents’ marriage was still valid. The lambada, no idea but Nico Kalli tells me it’s a dance style, I’ll have to believe him.

I hate love and war, both are eternal projects, but good with time one learns, “difficult world with an uncertain future”.

Thanks to my family for the unconditional support, to the “Nastylaybacks” for the style and the marked, to Atlantic surf for the opportunity to repeat and last but not least; thanks to my trusted dentist for making me smile, A hug and a kiss for everyone!













Fotografía: Matias BBK

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