Pure jungle is how we define this adventure that Pablo Rodríguez and his companion are facing these days. From Machete Company we are giving support and coverage in your adventure through the Amazon. An adventure that has caught our attention and that are indirectly related to our “We are jungle” label.

His idea is to cross the entire Amazon navigating part of the Amazon River and some tributaries. Pass through the Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian Amazon.

They have only bought round-trip plane tickets. Therefore as soon as they land, they will have to look for their lives to navigate, sleep, visit indigenous communities and travel by road.

The idea is basically to get into a different universe and have to live day by day with the means they can have.

It may turn out well or the jungle and its rivers may not let them.

On the other hand, they hope to see that the forest follows its rules and that man has only tampered with some parts. Live with the people who live there enjoying a simple life without setbacks.

We will inform you of your progress during the trip, from here we wish you all the luck and strength you need. So the sharp Machete …

The photos you see below belong to the first sector of the trip (Peruvian Zone).

First sector (Peru)

Second sector (Triple border)

Third sector (Río Solimões)