The stone skatepark is a creation of our great friend Adrián Otero, a native of the city of Pontevedra and with more than 25 years on a board. Years ago he began as a student in the school of stonemasons of Poio to finish as a teacher of the same and now carrying out a personal project associated with the school, stone skateparks.

Here we leave you a brief but substantial interview of this beast of stone and wood;

Hi Adrián, can you tell us when you started to merge leisure and work?

The truth is that a skater stonemason or sculptor, chámalle x, could only leave a project like this.

How do you merge it? Well, in Pontevedra province capital we always die of disgust in the field of skateboarding, so I came up with the idea of ​​doing a course project of my students of the Escola de Canteiros with the idea of ​​modernizing the craft and riding something different near of the illa of the sculptures of Pontevedra, something that in the end did not fit, but if it became a reality in or Grove losing a little the main focus for other people’s reasons.

Something or someone in what inspires you to create the parks?

I do not get inspired by anyone, the truth is that it came up very naturally with the idea of ​​doing something different and innovative.

What module would you add to Stonehenge?

Regarding stonehenge is clear! a stonepool … in the middle.

This is your second stone skatepark, the first is in O grove, the second one is Ponteareas, do you have any other project in mind?

I have a couple of proyectillos in mind one of them is to go with my friend Olaf to the Philippines to make a “skateparksocio artistosostenible” to call it somehow, the idea is to go there a month and soak the country and its culture and make a pathetic sculpture in his first skatepark. Almost certainly that project is going ahead the other is in the process of gestation.

Apart from the aesthetic difference with respect to a conventional skatepark, does it have any advantage or disadvantage in a stone skatepark with respect to those that are not?

From my point of view, all are advantages. Aesthetics; since when using stone it gives a sculptural touch and the visual impact is more pleasant. Techniques; It has a very hot pop, grinda a saco and lasts longer.

Thank you very much Adrián for your contribution to the skateboard and thank you for granting us your time !!!



















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