The Subframe BMW caferacer is for sale here, they are handmade with iron tube of 30 mm diameter with a 3 mm of Wall , it makes stronger to support two people over subframe BMW caferacer.

It is assembled to standard frame with four 8 milimetres bolts.

It has a little platen with two holes on the back in order to assamble the mudguard.

The Subframe BMW caferacer has a seat base plate made of stainless Steel with 1,5 mm thickness and around 700gr weight , it is assambled to the frame with four bolts of 6 milimetres.

With this seat base plate you can shape your own seat, or if you want we can do a seat for you with our personal craftsman who works with first class materials and a perfect finished. They are bespoke seat that means you can choose height, kind of leather, patter, etc…

We have two different sizes for subframe bmw caferacer, one with 54 cm an other with 59 cm, both of them fits perfect in every R model with two shock absorber. The subframe bmw caferacer assamble perfectly on the same bolts of standard subrame, on that way you can back to the original versión of your bike easily.

It is non painted ítem, we give advise of painting similar to standard frame in order two get the same color harmony.

The Subframe BMW caferacer is not compatible with one shock R models.

It is the easiest way of getting a bmw caferacer , without problems in Goberment Inspections. Taking apart few bolts and light wiring you will get back your standard bike in few minutes. If you have any doubt, put in contact with us at this email . More info here.

Following you can see a pair os BMW with our subframes.

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