The V Rockers Day was held this past Saturday, May 16 in the city of Vigo. Leather, beer & carnaza was once again an infallible combo to enjoy a good motorcycle Saturday.

V Rockers Day began at 10 o’clock in the morning of May 16 at the O Castro cafeteria (next to the olive tree), starting a little later on the way to Bayonne, taking the coastal road towards La Guardia. Passed in the municipality of Santa María de Oia, we took the torroña road that connected with O Rosal, the first supply stop for different needs. It should be noted in this first stop the great reception of the locals with a kind of procession carrying between four an image the size of a furbi, accompanied by the local music band (bass drum, box, bagpipe, etc …).

After a hint of leaving the track and dodging a couple of cows (they fled in terror as they knew their tragic end), we arrived at Robledo Grill, located on Mount Aloia de Tui, the paradise of which is carnivorous, with a barbecue area that more than a few embers looked like a crematorium. Something logical after seeing the size of steaks that are spent in the place.

Later we started towards Monte Alba (well, not exactly the Alba, it’s her twin, but right now I do not know what it’s called) and finally finish at La Urban Bike, to continue talking about motorcycles watered with beer.

Late in the evening, the party continued at the Iguana Club with concerts and DJs.

Thank Cobras Café Racer for the excellent organization (even with broom support car) and for selling your soul to the devil so that every year it is sunny and it never rains in this important event.